Version R_2012_08_15



NttCAD is a free 2D/3D CAD software, easy to use and multi-platform: it works on all operating systems (Microsoft Windows, Mac, linux...).

It can be started offline or directly online from the browser without installation: see Online CAD (this software is written in java; if the JRE is not present on the system, the installer should start automatically).

The supported drawing formats are DXF (AutoCAD), SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) and NTT (the NttCAD native format).

NttCAD is not an open source project and no code has been taken from other projects.
The necessary libraries are provided by the JRE; no extensions and no third-party libraries are used.
The results are small program size and fast download.


The following list provides a summary of the currently implemented features.
Draw Commands
  • Line.
  • Polyline and polygon (closed polyline).
  • Quadratic (3 pts) and cubic (4 pts) bezier curve.
  • Spline (cardinal) and spline polygon (closed spline).
  • Three point circle/arc.
  • Circle and circular arc.
  • Ellipse and elliptical arc.
  • Hatch.
  • Text.
  • Text attrib.
  • Dimensions: aligned, horizontal, vertical, radius, diameter, angular, continuous.
  • Dimension styles.

  • Block.
  • Layer.
  • Color.
  • Linetype.
  • Fill type (it can be loaded from DXF).
  • Text font.

Tools Commands
  • Distance and angles measurement.
  • Insert of block.
  • Group of entities.
  • Block explosion.
  • List of properties associated with the entity.
  • Change property.
  • Drawing properties.
  • Purge function: removal of the unused properties.

Modify Commands
  • Trim lines.
  • Stretch entitities, attributes and block.
  • Edit hatch.
  • Edit text.

Edit Commands
  • Undo and redo actions.
  • Cut, copy, paste and cancel entities.
  • Transform: move, scale, rotate and mirror.

View Commands
  • Set finder, grid and snap size.
  • Zoom: increase, decrease, window, extension.
  • View origin, direction and plane.
  • Rotate about the X and Y Axis.
  • View side and projection setting.
  • Default and background color.

Graphic Functions
  • Grid
  • Four Snap mode: normal, object, external points, near points.
  • Orthogonal mode.
  • Landscape mode: Y-Z Inversion.
  • Pan (2D).
  • Pan 3D.
  • Anti-aliasing.

  • Print to file (.ps).
  • Print preview.
  • Paper position.
  • Paper size and print scale.
  • Color-line width conversion (b/w print).
  • Print current view.

  • NTT: NttCAD native format.
  • SVG: Scalable Vector Graphics.
  • DXF: AutoCAD Drawing eXchange Format.
  • DWG: AutoCAD 2000 (read only).
  • OBJ: Wavefront.


The following enhancements are planned for future releaseses:
  • Multiline text.
  • ...